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The Starr intercooled LS1 / LS2 /LSX twin screw supercharger kit offers unprecedented levels of power and responsiveness in an efficient, compact package
Patented hybrid remote drive allows a wide range of boost levels without the slippage and reliability issues common to other blowers, and without the searing underhood temperatures of turbos.
Available in a 2.4 Liter package that slips under the stock hood, or a 3.4 Liter size that easily feeds large, highly modified engines, the patented water cooling system keeps air temperatures to an all time low for positive displacement superchargers.
Twin screw compressor technology combines the immediate bottom end torque of Roots blowers with the effortless top end power of centrifugal and turbo systems.

Instant, seamless torque from idle to redline. No lag, no choking, no comparison.

It simply ends all arguments.